Hey! It’s me, Lourdes.! I’m a mama of two beautiful brown head curly kiddos.  Callie and Roman. Callie is what inspired my name Locallie Yours.  I’ve also got ONE shihtzu, in a perfect world Id have a hundred.  I’ve also only have ONE husband. Haha My roots where planted in a small country town in IL, my branches have grown on the west coast, east coast, across the sea in Hawaii and Japan. I’m an extroverted introvert.  I’m an enneagram 4 if you like that type of stuff. Aside from being in touch with my emotions and nostalgia, I’m pretty funny and I take that very seriously haha!  I jokingly tell people I measure my friends by the laughter shared, but it is kind of true. The quickest way to my heart is just that…laughter.

When I was 20, I signed my life away to Uncle Sam, and served in the Marine Corps for 4 years.  With that I had learned so much.

While school is in session from Sept-April I won’t be doing as much photography, because I’m currently attending CU Boulder for Photojournalism.  

I believe that if you are going to something you must go all in. So, I guess that’s kind of how my photography journey began. I told myself I’m going to be a photographer and failing wasn’t an option. Four years later I still haven’t put my camera down.

I truly believe that there is beauty in EVERYTHING…  every person, every place, and every chapter, and with that, I have learned to always search for it.  I cannot wait to photograph the beauty of your family!

Denver Family Photographer & Maternity Photographer | Locallie Yours